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Aiming Just at Profits is Stereotypical.

\”Knowing and maintaining profits can make a firm win for sure.\”

It is a pure myth if you rely on these foresaid words.

Actually this has gone overrated and obsolete with time.

None of the good firms or ones going on “the right path”, care about profits at first place but business cash flows.

The Best Time to Know is Now.

If you are one of those who believed the customary and conventional profit perspective of financial health, grow up with your knowledge about accounting.

In this world of throat cut competition, you would be granted no time to rectify and test with some of the things.

You can always rely over reliable solutions for accounting if you consider your staff unexposed to several magnificent facts.

Why Business Cash Flow Above Profits?

There is no truth with concealed facts until it is universal one.

Coming to the point, why should cash flow be a primary concern and why not profits should occupy the priority?

Following are the points streamlined to explain you the significance of business cash flow over profits.

No profits won’t let you die until you have a good cash flow:

Let’s say it in way that you can survive with losses but you cannot survive with an unhealthy cash flow.

To put it comprehensively, cash flows are a matter of recent tomorrow and profits are of a later one.

It relate to something of operating nature. While with every day business procedures, you need more of cash in course.

You would need it for every petty transactional expenses first.

No doubt you need it for bigger ones too but more of short term expenses take place once your business setup is ready and you are not a newcomer in the industry.

So for all those regular expenses to go on smoothly with your business, you need more of cash in flux.

Profits are a later concern as transactional expenses which are of operating nature need to be done to conduct the sale and then profit or loss ripens.

Short-term financial position is a first step to go for:

Short term financial health counts current assets and no capital assets.

Cash flow statement of the firm lets you know about the short term financial health of the firm.

It also gives you a tour in long term investments as it is made on the basis of operating expenses and gains, investments and finances.

In crux a cash flow statements give you insights in a deep transactional record.

It acquaints you with each expense that is done within a particular period. It can hence be made for short periods too.

So, until you have your short term health in check, you should not and you cannot move towards long term goals.

It is as general as it seems. “After short term comes long term” – so you need to have that in notice every time further.

Healthy cash flow increases your credibility:

Your suppliers get each and every penny on time because you have it.

You need not worry before you spend as you have the cash in hand every time when a business transaction needs it.

So conditionally, your suppliers would be happy to lend you in hard times of yours.

Cash flow in fine fettle boosts up speed of operations:

Your operations do quicken when you have an instinctively hasten up attitude to your operations.

When your speed is fine, you would naturally make everyone happy including your customers.

Hence this would content every firm as it connects the concern to the major part of sale transaction- “the customer”.


The above points show how important is cash-in-flow for a business.

Hence cash flow statements are a matter to pay heed to.

If your accountants are not giving you any on time, tell them to do.

If your accountancy firm is not giving you, tell them to prepare and give.

That is why while you spend on hiring an accounting agency, it is said to be cautious and choose the right one.

They should be worth your pennies spent. There is no point in making a permanent decision sometimes.

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